Monday, March 10, 2008

New Beginnings and Old friends

I have made a lot of changes in the last few months. Ok where to start? Oh well lets start with the knits and work over to the WoW.

I was going to try and get into the craft fair that happens here every year but I missed the dead line. I have so many wips and completed projects that I can't even begin to post pics of all of them but I will give you a small sampling on my next post. I'm about to embark on my biggest knitting adventure ever.... The scarf from Dr. Who.

This monster is between 12 and 18 feet.. That's right FEET long. There is a website with pictures and patterns here. I am going to be using some really YUMMY alpaca yarn from Knitpicks. I'm not paying for it because it's a knit gift for a friend of mine. I promised Scuzzy that if he bought me the mats that I would make the scarf for him. He is planning on going to DragonCon with it. I told him that if he is planning on wearing this thing at a convention he has to promise me to get pictures with everyone he sees dressed up in Dr. Who costumes so I can compare my work with that of anyone else who has the scarf. But really.. honestly... how many people do you think could handle that? It will take me at least a few weeks to get even half way through it and with that many color changes......

In any case... I'm also almost finished with a nice big knitting bag that I am going to felt. I figured that if I'm going to be making a huge scarf in addition to these other projects that I'm working on I should have a nice bag to carry it in right? I just need to finish up the handles and I'm ready to felt. I'm actually a little nervous about the felting part of it because I haven't done that before. I guess we will see how it goes.

In other news I have moved my lvl 70 warrior gnome off of Aerie Peak. I promised myself almost a year ago that I wasn't going to do that but I finally got so fed up with that server that I had to move. Besides I really don't like being the only warrior on a sever that doesn't have a raiding group. I'm now on Arygos almost exclusively. I've really cut down on my playing a lot since I've been so busy. I still play on Farstriders sometimes but since not many of my friends play there any more I kinda lost interest. I'm probably going to make a new lowbie character on Aerie Peak again but I probably won't play it much at all. When they had the free character transfers I moved all of my lower level characters off of that server and did a paid transfer on my 70. I am in a guild on Arygos called Axis and I really love those guys. They are great raiding partners and even if they don't have enough on for a raid they are usually willing to help out with quests or instances.

Anyway I need to get back to work. Busy busy busy. Drop me a line sometime!

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