Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Life gets busy and knits get picked

I am working on getting several things finished at once and it's gotten a little crazy. I'm trying to finish up some stuff for work while promoting my two home businesses and figuring out if all of this is really worth it. In the mean time I'm trying to finish some knitting with a broken finger and I missed my raid last night because I was so drunk. I recently made a monkey and a sheep pattern for making my son a sweater. This time I'm going to aim for a size 6 in Boys becuase I want it to actually fit him when I finish it. I'm thinking for christmas. Maybe I will do it with the gift-a- long since I missed out on signing up for it but I am still looking at it every now and then to keep up with the events. I am also thinking about making a sock or handbag for the knitting olympic trials. There aren't any official knitting olympics that I'm aware of for this year but I can still challenge myself to make something in the amount of time alloted.

I don't know we will see I guess.

Also I just got a confirmation email about the yarn I ordered so it should be here really soon.
I will post pics of it when it gets here as a sort of before picture.

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