Thursday, March 27, 2008

Impatience leads to Too many WIPs and not enough time.

I have been antsy and itching for new projects. I didn't like the way that my Devils pants were going so I ripped them out and then I finished felting the knitting bag (we'll get to that in a minute) and I realized I only had one project on needles. GASP!!! OMG this can't be!! I immediately upon realising this got out the gray/silver yarn for my son's chain mail outfit and cast on. After I got about 4 rows in I put it down and started trying to figure out what I was going to do for my charity knit. I was looking at thier website and they had this big banner that read "25 gets a Prize" so I clicked on it for more information. Ok here is the thing. I have never sucessfully knit a pair of sock in my life. EVER. Every time I get past the heal I freak out and either bind off so that it is a sock with no toe or I rip it out. I have done a single sock that I actually got as far as the kitchner and finished it but it wouldn't fit anyone I know so I just left it as a lone sock with no mate. This charity project to get a prize is to knit 25 items that must be either a sweater, pair of socks or a vest for a child aged about 4 and up. As I was looking at this I thought to myself, I can do that no problem, and put the computer aside and started looking through my yarn stash for some cozy bulky wool.

This charity is called Warm Woolies and requires all of it's knits to be made of wool. It can be a blend but must be at least 80% natural animal fiber. The problem that I am having is that I don't have a ball winder so when I "wind" my balls I use the label from the skien to act as a holding for the first several winds as opposed to a tube or something else. So none of my balls have labels on them. There is no telling what any of the yarns are made of until I get to the center of the ball. More likely than not most of the yarns are acrilic. The thing is there isn't a yarn shop for a good 50-70 miles in any direction. I have been longing to open one but I lack funds in that direction. If I could afford to open one I would do it in an instant and buy up all of the wholesale yarn I could get my hands on. Artyarn, karabella, Brown Sheep, Blue sky alpacas.. any of it. I wouldn't hesitate to open a store here if I had even half of what I would need. But alas I have no means for it. So most of the time when I get the urge to just go splurge on some yarn the only option in reasonable distance is Walmart. The only wool that Walmart carries that I know of is Lion Brand worsted wool solids and prints. Not even Wool Ease. There may be a Bernat or Red Heart that is wool that they carry and I don't realise it but..

So I just grabed a random ball of really thick warm yarn and cast on a random number of stitches that I just pulled out of my ass and said to myself that if it isn't wool it will make a nice baby blanket which the site said it also needed and would accept acrilic yarns since they need so many of them.

So today when I was talking to the people over at kpixie I got the order straightened out and I ordered two extra balls of some aran weight wool for some socks and a set of slightly larger DPNs for my charity knitting. I figure that I can get 2 pairs or maybe more of socks out of those. I just need to work up the guts to finish the socks. Yeah. That's right. Finish the socks.

Who am I kidding.

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