Tuesday, May 15, 2007

This is Me

I am so strung out right now. My family pulls me in 100 different directions every time I talk to them. Why can't I just be me? I want to be a toy peddling, warcraft playing, fun loving, beach bumming, child caring, craft making, knit-o-holic that leads her own life but they won't let me do that. And any time a agree to do something with them or for them it suddenly becomes a huge omfg kind of thing. Like recently I agreed to go and watch my little brother for a few days while my mom is out of town on a business trip. Well a few days turned into a week and a half. Then my husband decided that I couldn't go because it wasn't conveinent for HIM (because he doesn't like taking care of himself) and he SAID it was becuase he had planned a big party for my birthday this weekend. He even invited people from out of town to be there without telling me. This whole thing is a disaster waiting to happen and I'm stuck in the middle as usual!! I hate being the one that everyone dumps their problems on. I hate being considered "unreliable" because if I can't handle all of the shit other people throw at me they call me that. I'm sick of haters. I wanted a nice quiet birthday but it looks like I'm in for one hell of a ride.

My alliance guild has planned a big raid for my birthday and now I don't think I'm going to be able to make it. Stupid bullshiting goddamn pussy ass mofos!! Sorry I had to vent.

Now that I'm better I will tell you about my various projects. Although I don't have pictures yet (camera is busted) the horde swag is coming along nicely. I picked a black background with a cool fluffy off-white yarn for the emblem. I know that traditional is red but I didn't have a red yarn on hand that I liked and was the same weight as the black. In any case it looks pretty good so far and I want to get pictures up soon. Hopefully I will be able to get things working with my camera soon.

The following picture was taken durring a guild raid on VC (Deadmines for those not familiar with the shorthand) on Farstriders server. I am the Troll not facing the camera because it was a spur of the moment kind of thing, and unfortunately it looks like I am the only one in the picture wearing our tabard so you can't see it. I will have to post a picture of the tabard soon.
Anyway here it is in all of its Horde glory. I loved doing this raid as it was lots of fun to have all of our lowbie members present. Ivorius and I were the highest levels present (him 34 and me 30) and the lowest one present was Bellamorte (10) so I was holding aggro while Ivo and Veruca (32) killed stuff and Lock (20) was practicing his sapping skills.
All in all it was a very fruitfull run.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Memphis and Math

So I've been super psyched about going to Memphis for some time now and all of a sudden we aren't going to move. My husband's company he works for matched the amount he would have been getting in Memphis and we have had some other opportunities in town open up including me expanding my For Your Pleasure business. This is awesome because not only will we have enough money to live comfortably we will not have to pay people to help us move to get it. I hope that everything works out with it.

In other news I have recently completed my Calculus class and am really glad it's over but kinda upset because I don't know if I passed yet. I'm hoping that I passed so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Being one class away from a degree is just stupid and I worked my tail off to get this far.

Any way that is all the news I have for now but I will try and keep posting more stuff about what's going on.