Friday, April 4, 2008

Guilty Pleasures swap and other news

Ok so I am signed up for the Guilty Pleasures swap which is why I am doing these Warm Woolies socks and other charity projects. As part of the swap you have to donate one knitted item to the charity. I have decided to challenge myself to make all 25 items they say will win you something fun or cool from their organization. It's a great motivator.

I finished the first pair of socks but my son loves them so much I'm going to have a hard time getting him to give them up. I will need to find a cool or funky sock yarn that he likes better and make him some socks with them. For now I will allow him to wear the ones I have made becuase very surprisingly they fit him perfectly (!!!) and he grows so fast that they will be too small soon enough. I am starting on a secondary pair of socks for the charity though and I may make them a bit smaller so that my son won't try to steal them. I made the first pair and am making the second pair out of scraps left over from my felted bag. I didn't think there was that much left but this knits up so fast and thick and it seems like it doesn't use much yarn becuase even holding two together for the right thickness I have some of the white left over. I may even get three or four pairs of socks out of just these left overs!

I am working on so many different things right now that my head is practially spinning. I have an adult toy party tonight and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it goes well. I really need the extra money right now for my garden. I'm working on getting a little veggie garden set up and have a limited budget to go on. Hopefully we will see some good results but I don't know.

Anyway I should go get back to work. Busy busy busy.

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