Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Recent Swaps and other fun things

Ok I know I haven't posted in a while but I have been really busy with things and kinda got distracted by life but this is going to be a fun picture heavy post so here it Goes....

First off what I got from my first round as a guilty pleasures swap

I took a picture of the beautiful package all wrapped up and each of the little presents wrapped inside it. I wonder what it could be....

There are so many nice things in here. A beautiful book that I just love, a long circ in a small size, chocolate, rice candy, beautiful soap, eyelash yarn... but the thing that almost made my heart stop was next....


I totally went all giddy and jumped up and down when I saw what it was. Two skeins of sky blue cashmere.. so so so soft. Sorry but this one is all for me. I'm not sharing.

This was from my Knitters treasure swap. I love this girl! She managed to get it to me only a few days after finding out I was her partner and she got some of the best things ever. That is a bunch of needles. 2 circs, one set of straights, dpns, tapestry needles, and a partridge in a pear tree. No really. That is what I have decided to call the beautiful sock stitch markers she sent me. In addition to this great gift of needles she gave me some really nice lotion and candles, both of which I love. A knitting mag that has some nice patterns I am going to try and yarns.

The one on the left is hand dyed monarch that will make awesome socks. I cant wait to get some needles into that. The purple in the middle is hand dyed and hand spun and super soft and so squishy and.. I really love it. The last one is a dark blue with small amounts of purple Peace Fleece. I love how soft and warm this wool is. I don't yet know what it will be but it might be a sweater for warm woolies or something like that. We'll see.

Oh did you think we were done? No Way. I totally keep going with the swaps. This is a great one actually called swap on a budget although I think my partner kinda went over it. We were supposed to do a swap on just $20. I was able to get mine out with out going over that too much though so it was fun. My partner sent me coffee (love) and chocolate (unfortunately it was melted a bit) cards, stitch markers on a cute little loop to keep them together and I can clip it to my bag. She also sent some plastic needle binders, needles (size 2 crystal palace) and some luxury tweed. The tweed is really soft and not really scratchy.

That is my swaps to date. I love them and I have two swap packages to send out I'm just waiting for a few things to get here first.

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