Monday, February 1, 2010

Brilliant Insane Incredible

I have had a brilliant, insane, incredible idea while looking at posts about who should play who for Outlander movie possibilities. I think that DAVID TENNANT SHOULD PLAY ROGER!!!

Think about it. He is a tall, educated scotsman who frequently hides his scottish accent with a very cultured oxford/londoner accent. He can sing, he's passionate and I think he would make an excellent Roger.

If by chance someone who knows what in the world I'm talking about sees this, I am talking about look at his photos from Hamlet and Dr. Who. No he doesn't have green eyes but he could wear those color altering contacts. Otherwise his physic is perfect for Roger.

Other news.
I am competing in the Ravelympics that start in 11 days. This will be my third round of Ravelympics and I'm really excited about it. Planning on trying to finish a baby sweater, a few toys, the clapotis scarf, and few washcloths.

OMG I can't think about anything else.

Ok if you want to know what I'm talking about go to and catch up on your reading. I'm anxiously awaiting book 8 but I know it will be a few years before it's out. In the mean time read the other 7 epic novels and be amazed!

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