Sunday, March 15, 2009

Snowy Day in Brooklyn

It was a snowy day in Brooklyn just like many others that they have in the north. Many inches of snow had already fallen and many more were falling that day.
Beautiful right?

I probably would have thought so too.... except for one problem... I was moving in it.

That Monday was horrible.

We had everything packed into the back of a moving truck and were on our way to meet up with a real estate agent that we weren't entirely sure was going to rent us the apartment that we wanted and we had hardly any money aside from what we were going to put down on the apartment. If the apartment had fallen through we would have had to drive all the way up to Queens to Kyle's new boss to request transitional housing for a little while so we could get something (read: anything) that would acceptable living arrangements which wouldn't have been so bad except that as soon as we got into Brooklyn my hubby sideswipes someone and breaks one of the two rear view mirrors which are the only things keeping him from killing anyone.

So begins our path of destruction into the city.

We parked our vehicles in no parking zones and in unloading zones just so we could get some money out of the bank to take to the real estate office. Then we drove around for 3 hours looking for a place for Kyle to park the humongous truck. We finally found somewhere for him to park it even though it was about 6 blocks from the apartment that we were going to be trying to get it was the only place he could safely pull off the road and not hit anyone.

So then we all piled into our Pacifica and drove to the real estate office. It was 2 PM and we hadn't eaten lunch yet. We got to the real estate office and the agent says we can have the place but we have to pay an extra month of rent before our first month of tenancy is up. Whew... what a relief. Ok so we can have the keys now right??? Hey Mikey... uh.. wha'd you do wit da keys for uh.. Apartment 5A? I dunno I thought you had em. Hold it a sec folks we'll get it straightened out. Hey Joe? Yea? Is uh.. Walter... yeah is Walter still over at 5A? Yeah. Good ok, call 'im an tell im the tenants are on their way and not ta lock up just yet. We'll find da keys for ya but for now here's two keys for tha front door to get you in. DON't Lose these. They cost $250 to replace if you lose em.

Ok.. SO... We had the apartment and we had keys to the front door. When we got there Walter had keys for us that were to the door of the apartment and to the mailbox. Apparently he had them the whole time. So we did the only possible thing we were able to do in this area... we found a place to park the Pacifica (school zone but school was closed that day so we were able to park there until 6AM the following morning.) We brought the moving truck up and double parked it in front of the building and started unloading it. I was designated as the person to be on the truck handing stuff down and making sure the truck didn't get towed, ticketed or stolen. Thankfully this area is used to people double parking to unload trucks. When we started unloading it was 3:30pm.

At around 5pm poor Jackie (our friend who had come with us to help us move) started getting light headed from having not eaten. So we ordered some delivery and kept unloading the truck. 45 minutes later the food arrived so we all took a 15 minute break to eat. I had to eat outside so that I could see the truck. I was totally frozen from head to toe because remember.. the snow was still falling.. probably 18 inches deep in places and partially melted around the truck so there was a thick layer of slush inside of each of my shoes. I was wearing two sweaters a wind breaker and a sweater vest as well as three hats and a pair of gloves and was still freezing so after we ate Jackie offered to switch places with me which helped a little.

We got everything completely unloaded by 7:30 but it took us another good 45 minutes to get it all up in the hallway to our apartment. I stayed to get everything moved into the apartment while Kyle and Jackie went to return the truck. I soon had it all in and had inflated our air mattress since that was all we had. My son had fallen asleep on the floor so I moved him into his bed which thankfully my hubby had taken the time to put together. I then got out a ton of blankets and threw them over him and our bed since it was probably 45 degrees in the apartment. We had turned the heaters on but they take a long time to really get warmed up so it wasn't until two nights later that the apartment was warm.

By the time Kyle and Jackie got back it was almost 11 and we were all beat so Kyle and I crawled into our bed and Jackie climbed in with Joe and we all shivered our way to sleep. The next morning it was freezing still and Jackie went out to move the car for us. I surveyed the mess that was my living room and tried to decipher where my coffee pot was to no avail and grumpily crawled back into bed only to climb back out 10 minutes later and get some clothes on. When Jackie got back we had breakfast and started putting dishes away.

All in all it was about as bad as it could have been and since then things have gotten much better...

Until today that is. We have lived here for just over two weeks now and it has been really fun but two days ago I broke a toe and today or possibly last night I threw out my back carrying my son around. He was getting tired from walking so I picked him up and carried him for about 5 blocks last night and then this morning we went to look at the St. Paddy's day parade and I (stupidly since my back was already hurting) lifted him up on my shoulders so he could see a little better.

I'm in a lot of pain and this stupid air mattress isn't helping one bit. And since we don't have a couch or anything comfortable to sit on I am mostly confined to the damn air mattress which is really annoying.

Anyway I'm kinda going on forever so I will go now.

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