Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dr Who

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I forgot to mention I did finish the scarf and it was just in time for Scuzzy to take it to the DragonCon convention. He said it was a big hit and that he was the only one there with an authentic handknit scarf so in your face con! Nice. I'm really glad I finished it.

Now Kyle wants me to make him a gargantuan scarf. Only he wants me to make it unique. Not some Dr. Who thing but just as long or longer and with really really unique colors.

I talked to someone over at Blue Moon Fiber Arts about it because I want to use their yarns and they said it sounds like a fantastic project.


Ok Really need to get to work now.

So it's been a while.....

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Since I posted. I feel kinda bad for not updating my blog in so long. I have been super busy with my christmas knitting and not paying much attention to anything else.. Like this for instance. This picture is the yarn that I bought over 2 months ago for a sweater I want to make for myself. And it is all still in the bags that it came in. The needle for it is in the box with it and the book that the pattern is in is in the bottom of the box but that is as far as it has gotten.

On the bright side I managed to finish my mom's birthday present before her birthday (yay me!) And I lasted a really long time in Hat Attack 2, only having very recently kicked the bucket. (Will post pictures of that later)

Sock Wars 3 was a real disappointment because not only did I get socks that didn't fit, I couldn't get the assassin to reknit them because by then the game was over. Oh well. better luck next time I guess.

Halloween was fun but exhausting and I am kinda glad it is only once a year. I am looking forward to the other holidays this season but almost dreading Christmas gifting becuase of my current progress on projects. I think I may have to give my dad his socks for his birthday instead of Christmas and the same may go for my son's sweater.

I am participating in Sock Wars day of the dead and am almost done with the socks that I am making currently. I like the way it is set up right now because that way everyone has a chance to make at least one kill before getting killed themselves. I really like the structure of the teaming up of assassins. I wonder if it would work for a larger group though because this competition only has about 40 participants.

I need to start working on some baby projects for my sister. She is pregnant but doesn't yet know what her baby is going to be (boy or girl) so I am going to start with knitted toys like blocks and stuffed animals. Anyway I'm starting to ramble and I need to get on to work.

More later!