Monday, June 23, 2008

Posting after a busy month

It has been pretty caotic here recently and I haven't been feeling very well for the last few days but I wanted to post something since it's been a while. I have made quite a bit of progress on the endless Who scarf and have finished a few pairs of socks for the 52 pair plunge. I am almost finished with the firs tsock of the pair I am making for becky and am thrilleed with how easy the pattern is. I am going to start a pair for my little brother tomorrow if all goes well and hopefully that will be all that I cast on until I finish those socks.

The house has been yo-yoing quite a bit between being clean and filthy because I have been so exhausted that I can barely lift a finger to make dinner and then I force myself to get up and go sweep or do laundry. There are no clean towels in the linen closet right now. They are all folded on the couch waiting to be put away. There are bags and karate belts piled in the hallway but the dishwasher is running and I just swept in the kitchen. I still need to mop but I have no energy at all. The living room and my son's bedroom are both in a sorry state but I will get him to help me with that. After all he is the one that made that mess so he needs to help clean up. I have been going through a bunch of papers and thowing the trash away so there are piles of paper all over my bed and the kitchen table. The counter in the kitchen is covered with junk and a bunch of bananas that need to be thrown out. I already tossed the moldy bread and strawberries. My husband was going to make some strawberry and banana smoothies with them but obviously that never happened. I hate wasting food and he knows it so why does he do these things?

On a lighter note I have been keeping up with the dishes and the house isn't in a terrible state I just wish it were a little cleaner. Being the only one in the house that cleans I have to balance my day so I am not overwhelmed by the mess. Right now I am going to finish mopping the floor and then clean up the rest of the papers off the bed abd table and throw the bananas away. Then it's a quick dip in the shower before running off to collect the boys (son and hubby) then come back and make dinner and clean some more before bed. Busy day but this is every day for me. I'm off.